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Inspiration and the attitude of the rligion towards it:

A -the definition of inspiration: the right inspiration means agroup of information reach to heart by permission of highness god, from the metaphysical world, throughsoul, and ordinary brain understands it in various ways, as highness said:(and
inspired its wrong and its right).-sura:shams~verse,8,-it is a kind of inspiration, comprise both believers and unbelievers as mentioned in the holy quran:(by the soul, and the proportion and order given to it,and inspived its wrong and its right.truly he succeeds that purifies it.and he fails that corrupts it).-sura\ shams~verses,7,8,9,10,- but inspiration which specialize for special believers; those who speak to and talk to with out being prophets.the last prophet of God ; mohammad said about them(Gods blessing and peace be upon him):(there were some men of the children of Israel before you that thay had been spoken with, with Out being prophets...)-sahikh Al-Bokhari,part-5,volume-2,page~15-.according to that, the prophet mohammad,s nation (Gods blessing and peace be upon him) is suitable to have some people who speak with, with out being prophets as the children of israel.and it is obvious that mahdi should be among those spoken with(talked to) people,with out being prophet... as it has in some of the holy books,through jesuss tongue (peace be upon him): (we come to you with reduction , but interpretation will bring by mahdi, at the end of time)- explanation of ibn arabi,volum-1, page-14- the aim of interpretation is this inspiration that we are concerning with it, as aspecial miracle throgh imam Al-Mahdis hand to explain quran by it areal explanation.

B -The types of inspiration:which is heared, as prophet Mohammad said(God,s blessing and peace be rupon him):(If it weren,t wallow on your hearts, you were heared what i hear)-masnad Ibn Anbal-as highness God said:(The angels said:O Mary!God has chosen you ...), and which is seen,as mentioned in the holy qur,an:(Nay, were you to know with certainty of mind.you shall certainly see hell-five...) ,and which is dropped in to heart, and which is known throgh physiognomy, as prophet said(God,s blessing and peace be upon him): (Beware of the believer,s physiognomy, indeed he see by God,s light).and with out that there are many examples in qur,an and the holy books, that we have no space for it, there.

C -The relation between prophecy and inspiration: highness God created human on one nature, either they were prophets or not, but prophet reached to the highest degree of perfection,and inspiration reveals from powerful sublime God as it is reality, and the friends of God reached some degrees of perfection and pureness of heart. That is all right, they get karamat- adignity that God gives it to some pure people to know some secrets- and some time some of them make mistakes, but the rest people of believers and others get inspiration slightly because of the reduction of purity of their hearts, what is important is that, all of them, prophets and others are participant in this matter which has related to inspiration, and the phelosophy of the matter is that it is impossible to people, that they don,t believe in the unseen, and what was come by it the prophets because of having inspiration in their hearts if it is only to some degrees, as the prophet said.

Prophecy had finished, but inspiration will not finish, as prophet said(God,s blessing and peace be upon him):
(prophecy had gone, and the preachers remained). prophecy is amessage comes down upon it is owner for the first time. prophecy is law(sharia) and program of life-as mentioned in the holy quran:(This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen you Islam as your religion)-sura:Maida,verse,~5- (Mohammad is not the father of any of your men, but -he is-the Apostle of God and the seal of the prophets)-sura:Ahzab, verse~40-(christ the son of Mary was no more than an apostle, many were the apostles that passed away befor him)-sura:maida,verse~78-Inspiration is the repetition and resumption of prophecy,and the renewal of law, and this is amessage or abook from God, as mentioned in one of the treatises of Ibn Arabi:(He will verdict through which reveals to Him from the king of inspiration of law, and by this he will inspire Him Mohammad`s law and he will verdict by it)-Ibn Arabi ~Imam Al-Mahdi from sunnis~in the explanation of,"He will came afterme,he will not make mistakes".


The phelosophy of prophecy is knowing power full sublime God; the most possible knowledge, and arranging the program of life on it... But inspiration is advocate for prophecy, aperson who doesn,t believe in the inspiration he (she) will not believe in the prophecy areal belief, because prophecy is the soul of the inspiration and it`s reality.
The result is that: inspiration is a part doesn`t depart of prophecy, and belief on it, is obligation, and The angels speak to others 'who are not prophets' as mentioned in the holy quran:(the angels said: o Mary! God has chosen you). And the message of Mahdi,is the book of the inspirations; which renew the religion by it, and vanish the deviations, and differences and through it there will be consensus and concord.


I offered the first chapter of this book (inspiration and the attitude of the religion towards it) before the rest chapters of this Book,to know two important Matters:The first so as not to doubt that this book is a claim to prophecy, and the second so as to assure that this book (or which will come it,s standing and definition by good`s permission) is the greatest miracle through Mahdi,s hand and most of the miracles are necessary for solving the problems of the world.
A -The defintion of miracle: which prophets brought it and others are incapable of bringing it on the highest level, thay are evidences over people for their claims that it is reality from highness God... like all the other holy books, that it is in the holy quran. the word miracle specialize only for prophets and messengers from certain people, and karamat `adignity that God gives it to some pure people to know some secrets` specialize for the friends of God, but istidraj `on upnormal work do by some kind of people, but thay are not suitable because thay don`t do what god wants` specialize for common people, and abiding with expressions is not necessary.

B -some miracle sides of this book:
Indeed, this book is one of the last and the greatest miracles, and the last book revealing to me as inspiration, and I write the inspirations in it and according to arranging the meters and the dates with araisen and recurence, explanation and interpretation for all the holy books and the proficient quran, for solving obstinate problems as between the creeds and the owners of the holy books,and as the most correct program of living and for the unity of all the believers and the general peace among human- being, therefore; I seek all my brothers and my sisters as a human and as one nation to move toward the greatest happiness and the desired unity through the way of peace and love beneficiary of belief, wisdom, science and phelosophy.



1- I like to express this astonishment which caught me suddenly during revealing these inspiration, and this one:(you are on the straight way),inspite of my accustoming to this situation which is called karamat since my youth and adolescence, and my astonishment about the stated sentence originated of two things:the first, i hadn,t reached any arabic sentence before, only by ordinary language which is my origin language-kurdish, and the second, since it had similarty to prophecy and this is locate man in the trap of atheism and error because it finished before, and therefore,qur,an is arabic, because of compliances with my belief and my morality under the effect of faith and my family,s special enviroment and my position among my society,I was careful about facing these fateful dangerous matters. and after the second year inspiration started recurrent in anirregular way, like this form, as this inspiration:(I make God witness of your convenant);and that was after my contact with invocation, after prayer of nead. I heared the named inspiration through my hear from the messenger of God (God`s blessing and peace be upon him), and like that reveal inspiration at-8- 1409A.H.-by these words:(while you have been givn the order [determined] you will not neglect).and an angel with the permission of God from the messenger of God and in my father`s from made me to hear and write it at the same month, and after prayer and invo cation, I asked what is the convenant and the order? I saw that i am sitting near the propher(God`s blessing and peace be upon him)holding his garment and he was sittin toward kiblah (mecca) and answered me:yes, my boy :( the presents of quran),it means the convenant and the order is not anew law (sharia),but it`s the presents of quran, regulaved these news to assure my soul, the first of it:( the residue of God, the residue of God, the presence residue of God, believe in the mercy and remaining is in certainty)... step by step settled my heart, and the news arrived about different matters. I am now at (11/9/91), and while I am writing these simple clarifications;and at fourth year of the age of these inspirations, agroup of them revealed to me, and it is one of the sentences:(it is our schedule and the program of the countries of the world, systimatic), it means during these four year, gathered which near eighty page, make it the first volume of this holy book; the expressions inspired to me on arrangement according to the date of the
inspiration with various meters, harmonious with it`s meter arranged according to it`s date, and often this inspiration sentence completes as a useful sentence at different times, note this sentence how was completed:(It is God who made you cold oh,...) inspired first uncompleted meaning part at(25/4/90), comes it`s complement as an inspiration and it is: Russa] it means: after about aweek the setence completed and the meaning, in this way:(it is God who made you cold oh, russa).in the sentence we have akind of blame because of taking the program of atheism by some people, and what is coming are some examples in the named book; from the mentioned sentence number-19-till sentence number -23- with the date of the inspirations, page -55- from the original copy :
(it is God who made you cold oh, -19-russa-20- O, god what will be my role in the future in russa- 21- till further notice you will not be aware -22- A.L.R, to the friends, oh caliph, they are patient in their reign, in the highest geometry-23-)and it is the date of the inspiration on arrangement:19-25~4~1990 , 20-1~5~1990 , 21-13~5~1990 , 22-9~8~1990 , 23-29~1~1990

there is no need to say alot to the philologists of Arabic language about the miracle of this eloquent book , but only you have to scrutinize and repeat the sentences several times, for example:(warn them by a thunderbolt(1)I asked for them athunder bolt(2)Apeared of you a great person(3)And this noble girl is meriforious, from the earnest wife(4)All together are earnest (5)It will be succeed at twenty four minute(6)O, God when will be the offensive of the reality?(7)And those who know from God -40-forty minute(8)Oh captive, the soul of reality!(9)).And when i perform asummary explanation you will see the miracle, indeed, which refor to these nice words.

The miracle of this book reveals in all sides in comparison with predictors, and the companions of karamat, parapsychology, hypnotism, preparing the souls, sorcery and the others, it is enough to refer to some different features, to prove this truth:
predicting the future from the named parties defy to exaggeration and nullity truth mostly, but what was come in this miracle book doesn,t lie never. the predict come although it is true through a special way of the ways.
whether by means of preparing the souls, and intermidiat of hypnotism, by other parapsychological ways, or jifr and called it-the science of tetters- the scholars of it say that they know through it what will happen till the ending of the world, and riml- ascience that deal about unseen or unknown things through writing lines on the sand, and zairaja- a science way of predicting,or astrology and others...but this miracle brakes the all current ways...so the true news come, when the poweful sublime God will...the news come to the named companions either from the small angels or the low soul or from the devil, or come as a telepathy, but what is coming in this holy book from the world of the pure mere vealities from the righteous angels, there fore, one name of these miracles is(words of God)not like the prophets message(peace be upon them), but like an explanatory inspiration for the prophet,s message, as highness said:(say:if the ocean were ink-where with to write out - the words of my lord, sooner would the ocean be exhuasted than would the words of my lord, even if we added another ocean like it for it`s aid).
some people are capable of reading thoughts, this one doesn`t consider as a program to be depended on because the thought of who is his (her) thought is red, may make mistake; like the thought of all the others as it is mostly, but the source of throwing inspiration for this book it is the pure holy reality , will not mistake , so it has imitated as aprogram for the world , and it is the absolute invisible which is Highness said about it:(none knows the unseen only God) and after dealing with this book you will know with certainty of mind that this program is a holy program for guiding human and all of those who have responsibility in this universe.Apredict which is not miracle refer to one accident only at one time or by one expression , but you see another thing in this book, by one expression refer to various accidents , and this example for you :( the situation in the kingdom is mobilizing dynamite), inspired at~ 29/9/1989 ~ the inspiration speak about happening a dangerous situation, that about to explode in the king dom, and the kingdom isn`t specified either it is saudi or Britain...etc. God knows, inspiration comes refering that the kingdom is saudi first: (Saudi Arabia kingdom, at~23/1/1990~), these two sentences will be so:(the situation in the kingdom is mobilizing dynamite, Saudi Arabia kingdom), then, after~2/8/1990~,the alliance forces started by filling the saudi arabia kingdom by the devlopment weapons, which was refered to it by (mobilizing dynamite). note anothe inspiration comes refering that the kingdom is Britain also at~7/2/1990~: (Britoin is the mercenary of America), after that day some frightful explozions happened in the united kingdom the Transmissions of the world mentioned them, Note that Saudi preceded to Britain under the light of the stated inspirations, because the situation in it turned most dangerous than Britain. which is coming by it the companions of experience, specialize only one side as a predict or similar to it. But the miracle of this book cover the all domains of life, and you find more various evidences that couldn`t be mentioned in this short forefront, I like to refer to an important matter, and it is; what came by it the companions of karamat and parapsychology,and others, all of them have their shortages as compared with what the prophets came by it, and the phelosopiny of happening upnormal things from them are cogent evidences of the prophets and the holy books truth, as you know the difference between the night and the day in the veiled room of the light of the sun relatively, and you know that the sun was araisen although you didn,t see it.

in this miracle book, there are some words and sentences that I don,t know their meanings; there fore, I frankly with all my modesty say that no privilege of the privileges of the greatness of this precious book regarded to me, how not? I don,t know the meaning of most of the words and sentences, and mostly when they revealed as an inspiration, I was in the semi- involuntary situation, and my normal sences desisted from activity, other wise, I am proud of my genius yes it is all people,s habit, but I cannot prop this book to my self as prophet Mohammad said:(God,s blessing and peace be upon him) :(who cheat us, he(she) is not of us)... and here I have to say something, are these inspirations that differ from normal thoughts products of the brain? But why I don,t understand most of the words and I hadn,t heared them befor? it is true to say it is coming from the prudent living world, out of the brains and the thoughts and all the worlds of the sences...and note the following examples from the mentioned book, with out my explanation now, the words which are between the two brackets are of these words that I don,t know their meaning:
An arrival defeat(1) He praises during night and day(2)O, the mighty, O, the I rresistible (3)He settled down and he didn,t(rabad) only in the illiterate home, and among them the helpers(4)our lord give us good in this world and good in the hare affer and defend us from the torment of the five(5)
the date of the inspirations on arrangement:
(1)12/11/1988 (2)15/12/1988 (3)10/1409 A.H (4)9/1409 A.H (5)30/10/1409 A.H
(Tahjul uajal)(17) Exchanging(18) at 28 of 3 , A.H (19)the date of the inspirations:3/10/1990

In various it`s domains reveal itself, like revealing of rainbow of the sun, we bring examples: (It is a pestilence disease from God`s Grace) while human read this expression he (she) may surprise! how the pestilential diseases are from the Highness`s Grace?! is it not better to say: (it is a pestilential disease from God`s wrath)?! soon the hand of the miracle refer to (aids); as known it convey between the two doers who are out of law (sharia),and people now don`t afraid of God, but thay are afraid of (aids),so thay avoid themselves of adultery, so (it is a pestilence disease from God`s Grace) the protector get two benifits: his (her) saving from (aids), then saving from the retaliation of the justice creater... (there is no submission in the economic sanction and it is not under the power of dinosaur, in it`s potency) ,this expression inspite of predicting economic sanction of Iraq, refering that what was said about dinosaur is true, it means dinosaur is not only a theory, but it is reality, because in these holy words there is neither surplus nor defect...(O` my servant, my healing is a greal peacefulness, while nervous disorder happened in the body, she is crying for getting well) my wife infected with sciatica and I didn`t know any thing about it before, I invoked to her and I was answered by the mentioned expression refering to nervous disorder, we visited a specialist, he explained to me that the lower nerve which is in the circle of the vertebra displaced from it,s place and linked to the last circle of the vertebra circles, and it is the miracle of medicine for aperson who doesn,t know anything about the medicine... (How cruel that wild is! the excellence of woman out side (barid) is easy)realy what I know about the meaning of (barid)was only what is related to correspondence, but when this sentence with it is meaning revealed to me as an inspiration, for (barid), and showed me the blood which differntiate between virgin and not virgin (women), and the miracle there is not in the meaning of the word (barid), and not in the inspiration and the difference between virgin and not virgin only, but it is a legal opinion that there is possible a mony girls who hasn,t this blood and she is innocent also...And what came here is only a quick glance in it ; pointing out in the refering book...

despite the arabic language, the inspirations revealed to me in various languages : kurdish, phresh, english, turkish and the other languages, and probably . it will be formed finally, and after collecting the sentences of the book by all these languages and with the miracie qualities also, and I have to say that I don,t know all these languages... and it will be explained with example, by God,s will , at it,s time....

As it is known there is very incurable problems a mony the doctrines of Islam and the holy religions. these legal opinions didn,t come from science, or extremism, or favoritism, but from Highness God, and they treated all these dilemmas that caused the separation of humanity, by all wisdom, exactness and justice. God willing; at it`s time you will see all these miracle legal opinions , in this miracle book".

Realy, In the named book the matter of fabrecated and true Hadithes was solved.

9 -Each secret imagination that cruise in your mind, you can reach your stray and found a solution for your problem; where you look in this book...

10 -This book is in the runing and duration condition, and it`s lessons are open, add to it how Highness God will; and God know when it will close and -will finish: (it is the situation, how lovely it`s prolonging),(you are persistent and what we granted to you).

from time to and after arriving a complet group of the holy words ,In the name of God, most gracious most merciful,comes, refer to the end of alesson, and opining another lesson, at this period of time which is near to four year (in the name of God, most gracious most merciful) revealed to me seven times, and it is one of them:(In the name of God, most Gracious most Merciful, you will start).

This holy book was collected and written with this miracle oddity, there isn`t asentence to be contrast to the other sentence, but the new sentence comes only for clarifyingor explanation, and while you read the book it will be clear for you...

another side of these miracles, whish banish all what tempt human of doubt, with all what you have of the selection of examining in preceding and delaying each lesson of the lessons, and when you preceded or delayed asentence with the other the meaning will not be disorder, but other miracles will apear from these various meanings, and before giving you an example , I have to warn you that it doesn`t mean that every one can dispose in this book by his will, but the book must remain as it is, and what we brought here is only for showing another side of the miracle... and see this example as mentioned in the original book:
An explanation the last explantion(1) the begining of the owner of time(2) o`the owner of time(3) the best time(4) I sent down the separater-between the truth and the false(5) to refuse, the separater- between the truth and the false(6) the day of reaching the two groups is calling(7) The day of reaching the two groups is separating-between the truth and the false(8) what happened is discovering and separating(9) the two will save kurdistan(10) o`God make it easy for us the best explaining(11) it is standing (settling down), it was decided about, what you were asking to be decided about(12) it is possession on his lips the respectable is surprised about it(13) the two will be the allies of kurdistan (14) you will debate(15) o`God certain for me belief(16).
the date of the inspirations a ccording to their arrange ment:
(1)29/2/1991 (2)3/3/1991 (3)11/3/1991 (4)27/3/1991 (5)29/3/1991 (6)29/3/1991 (7)29/3/1991
(8)29/3/1991 (9)24/3/1991 (10)8/4/1991 (11)23/4/1991 (12)23/4/1991 (13)23/4/1991 (14)23/4/1991
(15)11/6/1991 (16)13/6/1991