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Kurdistan and Imam Mahdi Announcement

1. Most of the information, and all the inspirations are taken from ‘Words of God – issue 1’

2. This translation is done by a friend.

3. This is only an explanation and a short reference to the biography of Imam Mahdi and his call (invitation) in his time.

4. A note on the inspirations: The inspirations have deep meanings so they can be interpreted and understood in many other ways, and this depends on the ability and intelligence of the reader.


‘Imam Mahdi’ is Sayid Mustafa Son of Sayid Ali Barznji, his mother’s name is ‘Khayal’, and was born in winter ‘Aquarius’ in 1955 in Komalla Village,  Pishdar District, Sulaimaniya Provence. This place is located among the series of Zagros Mountains near Qandeel Mount. This area has always been important politically and strategically throughout history. Due to the wars and the government’s policies towards this area, the life of the people has been miserable and difficult, and this was influential on the life of Sayid Mustafa and his family. He went to school in 1962 and studied secondary school there.


In 1981, he got married  and they have five sons.

)In Islam ‘sayid’ is a title used for someone who is from Fatima’s offspring, Fatima is daughter of Prophet Muhammad. And Sayid Mustafa is from that offspring, known in Kurdistan as the ‘Sayids of Barzinja’)

Who is Mahdi and where does he appear? In religions, when they talk about a certain person or people, in a particular time for establishing equality and eradicating oppression and tyranny, various names are mentioned according to the cultures and religions; Islam talks about someone from Prophet Muhammad’s family called ‘Mahdi’, as the earth will be full of oppression and tyranny, with the help of Jesus, he will fill it with justice and equality.


In brief, Mahdi is the person who receives inspirations and all the Devine religions agree on his coming at the end of time, the Muslims and their doctrines, the people of the books (Christian, Jewish, etc) and their doctrines, the philosophers and the scientists, even those who do not believe in any religion, they all wait and hope that Mahdi the promised missionary saviour will come that he saves humanity from going astray and anxiety.

The place of this invitation’s appearance in the first stage has to be Kurdistan by considering the major basis of prophet-hood and the various types of oppression done against the peoples of this area, especially the Kurds; as it is explained in ‘Words of God’ that the most oppressed people on earth are the Kurds in Kurdistan, as they were imprisoned and killed (in ‘anfal’ for example), and all their rights have been violated, they have been controlled and obliged to leave their places, attacked by bombs and chemical bombs, divide among many countries. He also talks about other places for his appearance in other stages of his invitation.


Sayid Mustafa, through the preface and the tree parts of coinciding with the Quran, Prophets’ sayings, other holly books and his inspirations in ‘Words of God -1’ which is printed, and footnotes to both ‘Words of God 1 and 2’, shows lots of evidences that prove his claim is true.


First part of ‘Words of God’ was printed in Erbil university press in 1992, and the second part was published on a website along with the first part in 2004.

He considers this book a miracle, and says that all the inspirations come from God; which after the holly books, is an explanation and interpretation for these books, and he explains that his strife, attempts and struggles are to pave the way for this claim, which is ‘A New Schedule and Program for the Governments of the World’, through his return and Christ’s second coming, and he identifies himself as an ally to Jesus on the bases of God’s Justice.


‘Words of God’ portrays a world full of problems and collapsing man and humanity, lack of the man’s and religion’s ability and thought for solution and mis-goings of the religions, and misusing knowledge in Islamic world and the Islamic scholars move away from morals and do not do according to science and remain in false and aggressive beliefs, and generally the East and West’s anxiety due to the injustice and tyranny they have brought by themselves.

In such a situation, Sayid Mustafa appears with a new Devine literature called ‘inspiration’, and he stays that God is the owner of these inspirations.

He  defines inspiration as ‘The right inspiration means a group of information reaches to heart by permission of Highness God, from the metaphysical world, through soul, and ordinary brain understands it in various ways’.

Inspirations have been coming down from 1986 through 1992, as it is stated in ‘Words of God’.

Sayid Mustafa (Imam Mahdi), defines ‘Words of God’ as a miracle and considers it the greatest and strongest miracle for solving the problems of the world, with the exception of God’s Messengers, he stays that other people even those who are at the highest level of science and knowledge are unable to bring such an evidence.

Regarding some miraculous aspects of this book, he says:

Indeed, this book is one of the last and the greatest miracles, and the last book revealing to me as inspiration, and I write the inspirations in it and according to arranging the meters and the dates with arisen and recurrence, as an explanation and interpretation for all the holy books and the proficient Quran, for solving obstinate problems between the creeds and the owners of the holy books, and as the most correct program for living and for the unity of all the believers and the general peace among human being, therefore; I seek all my brothers and my sisters as a human and as one nation to move toward the greatest happiness and the desired unity through the way of peace and love; benefiting from belief, wisdom, science and philosophy.



In 15th of Shahban, 1988, and in the age of 33, Imam Mahdi declared his invitation in a place called ‘Galue’ near Ranya City. From the very start he faced objection and trouble from the Ba'ath’s Regime, and this led to the invitation into a secret stage due to the pressure from the Ba'ath dictator regime. After that he leaves Iraq and goes to Naghada City in Iran, where he faces opposition and was imprisoned by the intelligence forces of Iran, and then he leaves the prison in a miraculous way. Then he leaves Iran, and stayed in the heart of Iraq in a place called ‘Hay Ta’mim’ in Rumadyah, and after the occupation of Kuwait by Iraq, and while the Iraqi forces were losing their strength in the mountainous areas, he returns to Nawzang, which was a free zone from the two dictatorships, and opens his office there alongside with the Kurdish parties.

During the first Gulf War by the allies against Iraq, he realizes that the situation is suitable for an uprising, and through taking his invitation into consideration, he sends an extraordinary and historical letter for all the responsible parties, the result was that they did not take his stand into consideration. It is necessary to read the letter while considering the culture of the area.



A Declaration to the New Iraq

In the Name of God, the Beneficent the Merciful

“O those who have faith, go into peace all together”

Praise be to God of the nations and the two worlds, greetings and peace be to Muhammad, the claimer for the rights of the oppressed and the last of the prophets.



Now, we have an invitation for all movements, parties, organizations, religious and political personalities in both Kurdistan and Iraq, as we have received an order from the world of the truths; that the sun of the wishes will rise in the dark nights of Iraq,


We invite you to hold to God’s way which doesn’t go astray, to gather your mess and departure, and to unite the lines, and put aside all differences, disagreements and conflicts. You have a historical responsibility towards the oppressed people of Iraq. And this is a rare opportunity which has never occurred in the history of Iraq,

So dealing with the current duties needs complete care and exactness, if this movement is to fail, the nation will start by itself to do what is necessary and that is by boycotting all the responsible parties. We support ‘Establishing a transitional government’ which will be a coalition government, that gathers all the specified parties and extinguishes the flame of the conflict that is about to happen, and satisfies all, shuts all the doors of the past, and avoids all the possibilities of a civil war, warning...! Warning...! Of all unwanted events or of what happened to Lebanon.


The basic Muhammad-ist Islam, gathers the Sunnis, Shiites and the politicians “There is no imposing in religion, the guidance is clear from the dawn”, beware of your behaviours within the frames of logic, truth, wisdom and balance, this paves the way to the stage of establishing ‘A Free Respectful Government’ to let our nation live freely and honorably…,



Brothers and friends! By doing so, you give your nation an opportunity to get the right of determining its destiny (in its choice and politically), to get benefit from the different political views, which helps to raise awareness in worthy abilities for developing humanity, to reach the pick of highness and luminescence before Almighty God, not only to reach the caravan of the developed nations, but to become a source for light and a good model for leadership and the greatness of humanity in general.



Wise righteous scientists and aware devotee politicians do what they say, if a word is without deed, it is rejected and not accepted...this is your day, the day of the great exam, in which the results of the wise decisions will appear, either to the lowest level, or to the highest level. The situation notifies us that hope has come for giving power to our nation under the shade of (A Truthful Infallible Government), and this is the direct justice to return the rights to all those who have rights, the future is guaranteed for the righteous people.


We ask our resistant injured nation not to forget its basic role in holding to God’s way, to unity and awareness on the right way and binding to God’s pure religion, to establish the truth and eradicate the false, tyranny and corruption within the stabilized Iraq both in the north and south.


We send our invitation to all who care about purity and humanity on earth, to say ‘yes’ to our invitation, and fully support these natural rights; the right of self-determination, the right to freedom of humanity, and the right to God’s justice. The people of the free Iraq will be honourable towards a sensitive responsibility before the great human society. Humbly and as a worshiper, we pray that May God succeed us in an honourable way, and guide us through the way.


‘If you succeed God, God succeeds you and establishes you’

God’s peace, forgiveness and success be with you


The Reminder of God, Mahdi


After declaring this request and the parties’ stand on the issue, he with some of his friends returned to Ranya City in order to encourage people to revolt against the Ba’ath’s government. Through evaluating the time and place of the uprising in its due time on 5.03.1991 it happened. A night before the uprising, he recorded some speeches to be played in the mosques through the megaphones next morning with the help of some of his friends, who they did so, and he himself made a public speech on the same day in the Great mosque of Ranya encouraging people to start the uprising. The result was that the people of Ranya started the uprising against the Ba’athies, and got control over the Ba’ath’s offices and the area completely.


After the uprising, Imam Mahdi and his friends opened their office in the building of District Raniya Office, which was the most powerful office of the Ba’ath before, and they stayed there later on as well.


This great uprising happened in a time that no movement was done by the Kurdish parties, some days after the uprising they with their armed forces came down from the mountains into the cities. The uprising in Ranya city was a start for an uprising in all cities and towns both in Kurdistan and in the south of Iraq against the Ba’ath. Thanks to the 1991 uprising the Kurdish people was able to live freely, until in 2003 the allied forces put an end to the dictatorship of Ba’ath in Iraq.



Settling down in Ranya was an opportunity for Imam Mahdi to spread his program publicly, and start explaining and analyzing this invitation among people, and his office became a place for announcement, meetings and discussions and providing information for the people who came there from various places for this purpose, and also trying to advice and guide the political parties, sending letters and announcing his invitation in and for other places, standing against civil wars...etc, through reading ‘Words of God’ one realizes all these.



Fundamentalism and violence attempts and giving legal opinions to kill Imam Mahdi by the internal Islamic groups all had been in vain. For example, ‘The Islamic Movement Party’ under the leadership of Ali Bapir (currently leader of Islamic Komal) attacked Imam Mahdi’s office and captured Imam Mahdi and transferred him to a prison between Kurdistan and Iran to hand him to the Islamic Republic of Iran, then The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan under the leadership of Jalal Talabani surrounded the Islamic Movements’ offices and obliged them to free Imam Mahdi.


The violence and conflict of the Islamists against this invitation and attempting to vanish it, greatly started when Imam Mahdi sent a letter to the Parliament of Kurdistan Region, asking the parliament to hold a World Conference for discussing his invitation, with the presence of free media and representatives of all religions, including Islamic, Christian, Jewish, and other religions, scholars, and representatives of all political parties, and religious representative in Qum (in Iran) and Vatican.



The increase of this violence, led the rejecters of this invitation to kill Sayid Mustafa, as he calls his martyrdom as a Devine Tradition in ‘Words of God’. He was called to Erbil City by an unknown Islamist group for discussing his invitation, and then he with four of his friends, namely; Mr Rasool, Mr Abdul Rahman, Mr Ali and Dr. Mansoor, went to Erbil City. On the night of 2.10.1992, he and his four friends were murdered in Erbil.


As mentioned before, Imam Mahdi considers this trip and the aim of the trip as God’s Tradition all these are mentioned in ‘Words of God’, as follows:

« صفاء 1992 » : « وفداه بذبح عظيم  ، « در رابطە با انسانیت بدار آویختە شد » << یتسنی لە باربیل الکبری >>  ، [ انی اسکنک الموت (1) الا الموت (2) فسقناه الی بلد الميت (3) ] (1) 17/7/1990 ؛ (2) 28/7/1990 ؛ (3) 7/5/ 1991

“Purity 1992”, “And he sacrificed with a great sacrificing” (p:55), “(For the sake of humanity , he was hanged” (p:74), “It will happen to him in the Great Erbil” (P: 74), (i.e. the inspirations has been sent in other languages but in this time it is only available in Arabic. And availability of one sentence in Farsi is considerable.) “I will dwell you with death (1) Only death (2) We sent him to a dead city (graveyard) (3)”. Date of the inspirations: [(1) 17.7.1990, (2) 28.7.1990, (3) 7.5.1991]



As Sayid Mustafa talks about his death in ‘Words of God’ through the inspirations, he also talks about his resurrection. Here are some examples:


« الحمد لله الذي ما احييتنی و اجملتنی من الناس » 13/2/1990 - « احييتنی و اجملتنی به » - - ... ( « لا المولود بعد الفوت » ، مصطفی سيأتي ) 9/2/1992

Praise be to God who will resurrect me and will make me beautiful among people” (13.2.1990), “He resurrects me and makes me beautiful by it”...”There is no birth after death, but Mustafa will return” (inspired on 9.2.1992)


<< اللە ( یشهد ) یرید المهدی (٩) لیصغر قبل المشرق و المغرب بعد تکامل امورهم یآن المهدی(١٠) اللهم انی اسالک الحیاە ، یحیي المهدي(١١) مسیرتک لاحیاە جندي (١٢) >> 

“God (witnesses) He wants Mahdi(9) Let the east and west be belittled after finishing their works Mahdi comes(10) O God I ask You life, Muhdi will resurrect(11) Your way is not a soldier’s life(12), date of the inspirations: (9)30.2.1990, (10)10.2.1990, (11)13.2.1990, (12)18.2.1990. (p:196)



Correcting and renewing faith, removing heresies and corruptions from the God’s religion, the complete inclusive unity, and the international permanent peace, and the real justice and development, and reaching to the greatest desired bliss.


Finally, we take some inspirations from ‘Words of God -1’ which identify the book as a program and a way, and talk about the natural power that this invitation will gain when the situation is ready in the area and the world in general.

اللهم انی اسالک العنایة و العدل انما الا‌صل فی العنایە العدل 

 “O God I ask from You taking-care and justice, truly the origin of taking-care is justice’’ (p:62)

ان لا اهتم الا بالقلب ، دورە دور الحیاة ، دورە دور المرأت (٢)

 “I am only concerned with heart, its role is the role of life, and its role is the role of women” (p: 18.9.1991)

یا بنی اسرائیل اذکروا نعمتی التی انعمت علیکم ، ١/٩/١٩٨٩ هذە النعمه لبنی اسرائیل و الکورد و العرب و العجم 


“O children of Israel remember the gifts I have given you” (1.9.1989) this is a gift for the Children of Israel and the Kurds, the Arabs, and others. (p:108)

ترجف الار‌‌ض و ناس (١)  

 “The earth and people will shake” (p:110) [the earth with disasters and earthquakes, and people with oppression and disorder…

هو اللە باردک یا ، روسیا 

“He is God who cools you oh, Russia” (p:91)

اللهم انی اسالک الحیاة الاریتریة (١٥)

 “O God I ask you to give life to Eritrean” (28.3.1990)

اسأل بمحافظة السلام فی سودان (٨) 

“I am asked to keep peace in Sudan” (7 Ramadhan 1409 A.H.) (p:46)

جغرافیا وسطی العربیة (٢) ازمة الاوربیة (٣) 

 “Central Arabian geography (2) European crisis (3) [(2)20.10.1989, (3)28.10.1989] (p:160)

‌هزیمة صدام صبر رحیم (١٢) 

 “Saddam’s defeat is God’s patience”

اللهم انی اسالک اسقاط حکم بغداد (١٢) انشاءاللە سقوط مصیر حکم بغداد (١٣)

 “O God I ask you the collapse of Baghdad’s rule (12) God willing, the collapse of the destiny of Baghdad’s rule (13) [(12)18.9.1990, (13)18.9.1990] (p:147)

هاجموا بغداد طائراتها (٢٠) 

Baghdad with its aircrafts will be attacked. (p:118)

اللهم انی اسالک علیه من سیطرە (٧) ضربة الامریکی ، تحذیرکم یعنی سیطرە (٨) الهی ایمکن المٶخرە (٩)  (٧) ٢٦/٣/١٩٩٠ ،(٨) ٢٦/٣/١٩٩٠ ،(٩) ٨/٩/١٩٩٠ . (ل ٨١)

 “O God I ask control over it(7) The American strike, warning you means control(8) O God could it have a last part (another strike in another time)?


المدینە فی البصرة (٩) نصرة (١٠) لاول مرة (١١) القوة مستهلکە مدمرة (١٤)  (٩) ٨/٨/١٩٩٠ ،(١٠) ٢/١٢/١٩٩١ ،(١١) ٢٩/٣/١٩٩١ ،(١٤) ٧/ر١/ ١٤٠٩ (ل٨٣)

 “A city in Basra (9) Success (10) For the first time (11) A consumed destructive force (14) [(9)8.8.1990, (10)2.12.1991, (11)29.3.1991, (14)7 of 1st Rabih 1049 A.H.] (p:83)

استمرار امریکا یتواجە (٢) الهی متی تکون الضجة ؟ (٣) بارجة (٤) فلوجە (٥) مئیدوا النتیجة (٦)  (٢) ١٤/٩/١٩٩٠ ،(٣) ١٨/٩/١٩٩٠ ،(٤) ٢٦/٢/١٩٩٠ ،(٥) ٥ آذار ١٩٩١ ،(٦) ١٢/٣/١٩٩١ . (ل ١٢٢)

America continually faces (2) My God when there will be the uproar (3) Warship (4) Fallujah (5) Affirming the result. [(2)14.10.1990, (3)18.9.1990, (4)26.2.1990, (5)5.3.1991, (6)12.3.1991] (p:122)

لیست للعراق الکلمة الاخیرة، لیلی و لیلە البارد (١٥) ٢٥/١/١٩٩١ (ل ١٩١)

Iraq does not have its last word, my night and its night is cold. [25.1.1991] (p:191)

اللهم انی اسالک القیام لاسقاط حکومة و نظم ( نصب ) شیطان (١٢) ٤/٢/١٩٩٠ . (ل ٤٨)

O God I ask you an uprising for collapsing the rule and system (statue) of Satan. [4.2.1990] (p:48)

اوردیبهشت  (٦) عطار روزفیلت (٨)  (٦) ٢٠/رجب/١٤٠٩ ،(٨) ١٧/١/١٩٩٠ . (ل١١٥)

April(6) Roosevelt’s perfume(8) [(6)20 of Rajab 1409A.H., (8)17.1.1990] (p:115)

[It refers to liberating Kurdistan and Iraq through participating America in Gulf War]


سیعافیان الکردستان (١٠) سیحالفان کردستان (١٤)  (١٠)

The two will save Kurdistan (10) The two will be the allies of Kurdistan (14) [(10) 8.4.1991, (14)24.4.1991] (p:54)

لا حقوق و لا غنی بغداد (٤) انتم کاکراد ١٠/٩/١٩٨٩

There are no rights and no riches from Baghdad(4) For you as Kurds. [10.9.1989] (p:147)

اننا کویت فی انحاء العراق (٦)

Truly we are Kuwait around the Iraq.(6) [6.3.1991]. (p:207)

شاحنات العربیە اختلت اخواتها (٥)

The Arab warships occupy each other. (5) [3.1.1990] (p:117)

الوضع فی المملکة عبأ دینامیت ، مملکة العربیە السعودیە (١٦) 

The situation in the kingdom is mobilizing dynamite, Saudi Arabia Kingdom (16) [23.1.1990] (p:157)

لکل طواف ( طوائف ) الجامعة البشریة (٢) بعثة سوریا (٣) عملیة عسکریة بریة (٤) سهرا للنقصة ( للنکسة ) ختاما للجمهوریة (٧)  (٢) ٧/١٢/١٩٩٠ ،(٣) ١٧/١/١٩٩١ ،(4) ٢٦/١/١٩٩١ ،(٥) ٢/٢/١٩٩١ . (ل ١٦١)

For all sides (tribes), the human society (2) Mission of Syria(3) An armed campaign through the ground(4) Staying up for the deficiency (setback) is an end of the Republic(7)

و بآیات اللە هم یکذبون (١٩) [ ما لکم کیف تحکمون ] ؟ (٢٠) ایها الایرانیون (٢١)  (١٩) ٤/١١/١٩٩٠ ،(٢٠) ١٩/١٢/١٩٩٠ ،(٢١)  .


And they falsify the God’s evidences (19) What is up with you, how do you judge? (20) You the Iranians(21) [(19)4.11.1990, (20)19.12.1990] (p:126)

طهران ما ترجع (٩) ١٣/٥/١٩٩١ .

Tehran will not withdraw. (9)[13.5.1991] (p:129) [It means Iran will not withdraw from its decisions]

مکروا و مکراللە (٤)  ١٤٠٨ .

They plan to cheat and God has a plan for them (4) [1408A.H.] (p:86)


طائرة اسرائیلیة تحمل رٶسا نوویە (١١)  ٥/٦/١٩٩٠ . (ل ١٦١)

An Israeli aircraft will load atomic bombs. (11)[5.6.1990] (p: 161)

الضرب ( الرد ) الاسرائیلی (١٥) ان قوات الجیش الاسرائیلی (١٦) خرت بە اعناق ابلی (١٧)  (١٥) ٦/٥/١٩٩٠ ،(١٦) ٢٤/٥/١٩٩٠ ،(١٧) ٤/٦/١٩٩٠ .  (ل ١٦٢)

The strike (the reaction) of Israel (15) Truly the forces of Israel army (16) Make it fall down with the neck of my camel (17) [(15)6.5.1990, (16)24.5.1990, (17)4.6.1990] (p:162) (This explains prophet Muhammad’s saying about a big explosion in the Gulf and appearing its effects in Basra.)


اما اسرائیل فقد اصبحت مع امریکا مع المدفعی التمام (٣٨) ١٦/٧/١٩٩٠ . (ل١٩٨)

But Israel with America arm themselves completely. (38) [16.7.1990] (p:198)