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The sign of appearing , or compaing with the hadithes

1-From Abi saeed-l- khdri , said : the apostle of God ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him ) , said : [ I give you glad tidings about Mahdi , he is a man from Quraish of My family , he will be sent in the time of having differences ( of opinion ) amang people and earthquacks , then he will fill the world of equity and justice , as it is filled of tyranny and unjustice , the inhabitants of heaven and earth will be agreed of him , and he will part the properties in a correct way ... ] . " AlIzaaa lema kan w ma yakun baina yadai alsaaaa " .By sayed Mohammad sadiq hasan , ( 1248 A.H - 1307 A.H ) , issue of Al-Medina , saudi organazation in Eggpt , Al-Qaero , 40851 .
comparing :
a :I am a man from Quraish of his family .
b : differences amang people : the differing . ofthe nation reached -73- troop , with out exaggeration .
c : The earthquacks : It is enough to refer to the earthquack of Soviet and Iran and the other earthquacks between ( 1988-till -1992 ( .
d : Tyranny and mischeifness reached to the degree of using chemical weapons to spreading Aids .
2- from Al-sadafi through mouth : [ After Me there will be caliphs , and after the caliphs Emir , and after the kings ( Emir ) tyrants , then a man of my family will come out and he will fill the earth justice as it is filled with tyranny ... ] Tabari picked it out in " Al-khabir " . the previous source .
comparing :
After the prophet , started calaphat ( being caliph ) , then Emarat ( being Emir ) , then Malakia ( being king ) and saltania ( authority ) like the four caliphs and Amauien and Abasians and ottomons , then the Tyrants such as Saddam and his examples in this time , indeed , I has appeared of his family ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him and his family ) .
3- From Abi jaafar Mohammad Baqr ( peace be upon him ), he said : someone asked the Emir of the believers Ali ( peace be upon him ) about the features of mahdi , he said : [ He is Medium height young , his face is nice , his hairs comes down through his shoulders , light elevates from his face , The hairs of his head and his beard are black ] . The book " lawaeh Al-Anwar Al-Bahima we sawatia Asrar Al-Atharia " by : sheikh Mohammad son of Ahmad Al-Safarini Al-Athari Al-Hanbali . Volume :2 , first issue , by issue of "Al-manan Al-Islamia " Magazine , at Egypt ( 1324 A.H ) .
comparing :
a : Untill now I am yong :
b : Medium height neither short nor long .
c : My hair is black .
4- And in a Hadith : [ He is between thirty and forty , he submits for God as submitting Eagle with its two wings , he wears clothes that are ( two garments ) two parts ] . the previous source .
comparing :
a : I was born in ( 1955 ) , so I am between thirty and forty .
b : And the clothes are not of the stated features for body , and usually kurdish clothes are made of two parts ; the upper part and the lower part , so these are two garments .
5-And narrated from Kaab-ul-Ahbar : [ Astar will rise at the east and it has a tail , it will lighten as moon lightens , and it will bend till its two sides reach other ] The previous source , the third of signs of his appearing .
comparing :
Astar bended toward the earth in the summer of ( 1988 ) , above the sky of tehran and lightened the earth as a fullmoon and tehran radio red the news as its time .
6- From Muslim : [ And till science will be held up and earthquacks will be alot and time will be near and turmoil will appear and jumble will be alot ] and this is killing . The Hadith , the previous source / The fourth .
comparing :
a : The aim of holding up or elevating the science , is that the scientists do not work by their science and they are convicted under the severity of invader thoughts in the Islamic world , as we see nowadays . also an inspiration revealed to me : [ And their science terminates them a mony people ] .
b : And closing the time , closing the Hour of the last day , as an inspiration revealed to me : [ And this is closing for the time , so we like darkness ] , Rending a sunder of the atmospher means the Ozone which is around the earth and unexpected changing on the earth and nature , are scientific signs .
d : Turmoil and jumble : As this happened in the most places in the world , such as soviet and Iraq and the other places gradually , as this inspiration revealed to me : [ I move-away this speech : the leader of lovers of killing , The leader of escapees of war ] .
7- Jaafar sadiq son of Mohammad Baqr , said : Mahdi will not appear except at the time of a great fear of people and earthquacks and turmoil and misfortunities will cath people and pestilence before that and sharp sword amony the Arabs and sever differing a mony people and their religion will be scattered and changing of their situation till a person who has desire will hope for death at mornings of dogsomes ( people ) , some of them will eat the others actually at that time he will come out and glad tidings to those who will realize him and he ( she ) will be ahelper of his helpers , and woe the all woes to whom rejected him and his order ] . The previous source .
comparing :
a : The great fear which covered Iraq and kurdistan of Iraq and collective death in Halabja through chemical weapons are the best examples for this , as God said : [ Be sure we shall test you with something of fear ... ] .
b : The pestilence : As it happened in piranshahr , Orumiah in ( 1989 ) , this is enough as an example and also adis.
c : And the sharp sowrd among the Arabs : Attacks happened between the regime of Iraq and other Arabic regimes , such as saudi and kuwait and Egypt and syria etc... during the time that united contries attacked Iraq in ( 1991 ) . As an inspiration came and informed us about that befor happening the sharp sword : [ the Arab warships occupied their sisters ( the other warships ) ] .
d : And scattering of their religion : Means differences and different thoughts are alot among muslims and this is a good mark for this reality .
e : And death was hoped to as usual in Iraq : [ And their is no wish for death ] .
f : woe to rejecters : The regime rejected me and God revenged of it by standing the world against him and it is an easy servile and the fate of those who opposit will be so .
8-And in [Marfua] Abdullah son of Humar son of As from Abi Naaim and Abi Bakr son of Maqari in his Muaajjah : [ Mahdi will come out in a village called it Respectable ( karima ) ] . The previous source , Al-khamisa fi-Maulodihi ...
comparing :
a : That village in the zone of pshdar [Qalaidza ] it is respectable from God by its contraction after the coming out of the government , as this inspiration revealed to me : [ O God I ask from you rebuilding of Qalaidza , O God I ask from you to make Qalaidza respectable ] .
b : Truly I came out from Qalaidza calling for the promised invitation .
9-Muqatil son of solomon , said : And those who followwed him of Explanators about God,s speech : [ And ( He ) shall be asign ( for the coming of ) the Huor ] It had come down about Mahdi . sura : zukhruf , verse : 61 . ( Isaaful RaGhin ) , Imam Master shikh Mohammad saban Al-Egyptian Al-shafiaai Abu Irfan , Bi Hamish kitab Mashariq al-Anuar fi fauz Ahi Iaatibar by : sheikh Master Hasan Al-Adui Al-Hamzawi and in the Hashia of [ Nurul Absar fi Manaqib Al-ul-Bait ] .
comparing :
a :As you know the small signs for the Hour has ended and now is the term of big signs , and appearing of our invitation is one of them , as inspired : [ The time has come , The time of appearing Mahdi ] .
b :And these inspirations revealed to me as an explanation for the mentioned verse : [ Appearing is sign for it . Deserted . He does unjustices . Nothing with Quran except light Be aware the works return to God ] . The date of the inspirations :
6-11-1991 * 20-11-1991 * 10-12-1991 * 7-1-1992 * 24-1-1992 .
10- And Ibn Arabi in his "Ftuat" said : [ God will Make agroup of people secretary for Mahdi , those who God sheltered them in His unseen , He will Make them aware above creation through telling and showing , and this is God,s command among His sevrants , Mahdi will not do anything without their consultation and they are of ancient men of the companions of the prophet those [ who have been true to their convenant with God ] and they are from non-Arabs ( foreigners ) , there is no Arab amony them , but they don,t speak except arabic , They have a conserver that is not of their kind , Never disobeies God , The conserver is the most special among the secretaries , They are neither more than nine ( persons ) , nor less than five , because the apostle of God ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him ) was not sure about the period of his remaining from five to nine ( years ) as he was indoubt about the number of his secretaries ... ] The previous source .
comparing :
a : Indeed , My consultant has the power of discovering and seeing ; and that is at first stage and who wants , could get information from us .
b : we do not Make resolution about important Matters with out their consultation , so as to be a preface to the future , and our opinion has appeared about consultation .
c : They are from non-Arabs ,and there is no Arab among them : Untill writing this Message .
d : They donot speak except Arabic : the Main aim is the origin texts of our program , reveals in Arabic .
e : They have a conserver that is not of their kind : means God will save them at the beginning through the companions of the other ideologies , while they are not of their kind , or in other words while they have no pledge of allegiance , as inspired to me by this expression : [ there is protection for you till from those who believe in the parties ] and this was fulfilled at the year of realising at ( 11-7-1991 ) in Rania .
f : The companion of consultation for us exactly limited by this number and they are the definite nation .
11-Shekh Muaaedin said at the end of his "ftuat" : [ He will verdict through which reveals to Him from the king of inspiration of law , and by this He will inspire him Mohammad,s law and he will verdict by it , as Hadith of Mahdi had refered to it - He will come after Me , he will not make mistakes - and we have known ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him ) that he is follower not inventor and he is infallible in his practi sing , Know ; there fore Measurement is forbidden with having the texts that God have granted him through the tongue of the king of inspiration ] . Ibn saban Al-shafihi , The previous source .
comparing :
praise be for His grants that prolongs above us , as His inspiratative program has continuation to us , as revealed to me [ ( we want ) Aheart with divine brilliant light , o God I ask from you love and beauty from you , The king of inspiration will inspire him the ended low ( sharia ) ] .
12-[ He is a son of thirty tree , and he will bury near our prophet ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him ) ] The previos source .
comparing :
As it is known , I decleared my invitation in ( 1409 A.H ) , and I was born in ( 1955 ) , so I was thirty three years old .
13-[ ... It has came about the explanation of the book ( Quran ) from saeed son of the jubaeir in the explanation of God,s speech : [ To preclaim it over all religion , even though the pagans may detest ( it ) ] , he said : he is Mahdi of fatima,s children ( peace be upon her ) . Nur-ul-Absar , By sheikh Moemin shabalanji .
comparing :
It is mentioned in an inspiration : [ Iraq said : As generosity and purity will fulfil , the leader is president and the partner prayer will be among us , from Ismael,s family , and Deputies has appeared ] . and the appearing of Imam is appearing in all directions , as an inspiration revealed to me : [ The rising of Islam and changing the christian,s role ] .
14-And these are the signs of resurrecting Qaem , narrted from Abi jaafar ( peace be upon him ) said : [ when men will Make themselves similar to women , and women will ride on stirrups , and people will put their prayers to death and they will follow the appetites , and bloodshed will be little , and they will trade through usury , and they will appear with adultry , and the biuldings will be strongthened , and they will find pleasant in lying , and bribes will be given , and they will follow passion , and they will sell religion by this world , and the mercy will be disappeared , and they will turn miser for nutrition , and they will look patience as feebleness and tyranny as glorious , and the leaders will be traitor , and the secretaries will be lairs , and the trustees will be traitor , and the helpers will be unjustice , and the readers ( of Quran ) will be slack , and tyranny will appear , and divorce will increase , and crime will start , and false testimony will be accepted , and the wines will be drunk , and there will be sodomy , and women will have sexual relations with each other , and head poll will gain as a booty , and charity as a debt , and preservation of Agitators because of there being Abusive ... ] . The previous source .
comparing :
The signs were rotated and happened infront of the spectators eyes .
15- [ And the greatest sign of his appearing is diffusing algebra ] . faizul Qadir , sharh Al jamiaa ul saghir , by : Master Mannawi , volume : 5 , 1391 A.H , 1972. second edition , Beirut - lubnan in the explanation of this Hadith [ Mahdi is of My family of fatima,s children ] .
comparing :
Diffusing algebra and Mathematics in all of the world is aclear evidence it cannot be denounced .
16-Imam Ali ( peace be upon him ) , said [ when the number of the letters of [بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ] finished it will be the time for closing Mahdi,s birth ] . the previous source .
comparing :
The namber of the letters of [بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ] are ninten , and the ninteth century was finished , and I was born in ( 1955 ) , it is exactly coincide with what Ali said ( peace be upon him ).
17-From Ibn Masaaud , said : The apostle of God ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him ) , said : [ This world will not pass away and will not end till aman of My family will possess it , his name coincides with my name ] . Ahmad picked it out , and Abu David and Trmzi , atrue hadith , Al-Izaaa, By sayed Mohammad sadiq Hasan Al-Qnuji Al-Bukhari , 1248 - 1307 A.H ) , page : 115 .
comparing :
The name of the apostle of God ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him ) was Mohammad before the message , and later on is Mustafa , and my name after this message is Mohammad and Ahmad , so coinciding the names is accurent with all exactness .
18-From Ali son of Abi-talib ( peace be upon him ), said : [ Mahdi is of my family god will suit him in a night ] Both Ahmad and Ibn- Majja picked it out .from the narration of Yasin Al-Ajali , from Abraham son of Mohammad son of Hanifa , from his father , from his Grandfather , The previous source , page : 117 .
comparing :
God will suit him in anight : and that is The night of fiften of shaaban , when Inspiration started to reveal regularly .
19-And from Thauban , said : The apostle of God ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him ) , said : [ Three men will fight near your tresure all of them are son of caliphs then no one of them will possess it , later on the black flags will appear from East , they will fight with you in away that no nation fights with you in this way , then he said something , I have forgotten it , when you would see him pledge him allegiance untill if you would go on your fours on snow , he is the Vicegerent of God , Mahdi ] . In "zauwad" , this Hadith is true , those who Narrated it are trustee , narrator : Ibn Majja , And Hakim in his "Mustadrak" , said : It is true acording to the two sheikhes .
comparing :
a: Three ; saddam and Al-i-saud and the Emir of kuwait , saddam is named himself Abdulla Al-Moemin , and he considered him self as the caliph of Muslims and he is son of caliph , means he called for being caliph , and the Two are clear .
b : The tresure : is oil .
c : The black flags from the east : is an evidence of our appearing in the first stage from the east as it was happened .
d : pledge of allegaince with going on fours on snow is another evidence of our first appearing in asnowy zone as it fulfilled .
20-And also Akm brought it out from his "Mustadrak" , and a speach of his Hadith Deilami brought it out : [ Soon the black flags will appear. from khurasan , go to see him till if you would go on your fours , on snow , truly he is the vicegerent of God , Mahdi ] . The previous source .
comparing :
It came in inspiration at ( 25-10-1991 ) , ( 29-11-1991 ) : [ soon It will obtain a letter or on evidence ? ! you have people in khurasan ] .
21-From a Hadith of Abi Tafil , from Mohammad son of Anifa , said : we were with Ali ( peace be upon him ) , someone asked him about Mahdi , and Ali said : How far ! Then he knotted seven knots , and he said : He will comeout at the end of time ; when aperson said God ! God ! is killed , and God will collect for him a people that will be like the pieces of clouds , God will join their hearts in love , and they will not long for anyone , and they will not be happy when a person inters ( their group ) them , their number is as the number of the companions of Badir ( the first war of Islam ) . The former genarations didn,t reach them ( their rank ) and the others who will come will not reach their rank , and their number of the companions of talot those who overcome the river with him ... ] Ahmad , brought it out in "Mustadrak" and he said it is atrue Hadith according to the conditions of the two sheikhs , The previous source .
comparing :
a : When a man said God ! God ! is killed ! the Tyrants impose themselves over the shoulders of the feebles and also strange and naive thoughts , the companions of the true belief and brilliant minds spread their invitation of belief , and they say : God! God ! means we want God,s rule , they Faceto face with execution and torture , such as sayed Qutb and Mohammad Bagr Sadr and other believers .
b : And inspiration revealed about the number of our helpers , saying : [ Their number is the number of the companions of Badir , we don,t care about the enemies , and we will not be happy by those who join us , except by Gods victory .
22-And in Hadith of Safian : [ This world will not pass away and will not end till a man of My family will possess Arabs , his name coincides with my name ] . Aaun Al-Maabud , Explanation of [ sunan Abi david ] by : Master Abi talib mohammad shams-ul-haq Aazim Abadi . ( 1273 - 1329 A.H ) , with the explanation of Al-hafiz son of Qiam Al-jauzia , volume: 11 , the saudi arabia kingdom , Madina, Al-Munauara .
comparing :
a : Till a man of my family possess Arabs : means a man of the family of the prophet among non-Arabs will possess Arabs .
b : And the name is coincided with the prophet ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him ) As mentioned before.
23-From Abi Nazra , he said : we were with jabr ( God well - please them ) , and he said : [ It is near that the people of Iraq will lose the ability of collecting money and measurement , we said : from where this will happen ? He said : The foreigners will prevent this . Then he said : It is near that the people of sham ( syria , palastin , lebnon , jurdan ) will lose the ability of collecting money and property , we said : from where this will happen ? He said : It will happen from Roms ( the European nations ) , then he didn,t speak for amoment , later on he said : [ The apostle of God ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him ) said : [ At the end of my nation there will be a chaliph that will donate property as a donation and he don,t limit the donation . I told Abi Nazra do you think he is Humar son of Abdul Aziz ? He said : no , I don,t think so . from Abi Saeed ( God well - please him ) , from our prophet ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him ) , from our prophet ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him ) , said : there will be acalliph among your caliphs that he will donate property as a donation and he don,t limit the donation . Muslim narrated it . and also from Abi saeed , said : we had afraid that it would happen after our prophet , so we asked the prophet of god ( god,s blessing and peace be upon him ) , and he said : It is a mony my nation , he is Mahdi that will appear ... ] Taj jamiaa Al-Iusul wa Ghaiat Muawal , volume :5 , second edition , page : 342-343 .
comparing :
The economic sanction imposed against Iraq from the united nation after occuping Kuwait at August of ( 1990 ) , meantime the sanction imposed , it losed collecting measur ment and money , as an inspiration revealed predicting the sanction at septamber of ( 1989 ) : [ There is no submission in the economic sanction and it is not under the power of dinosaur , in its potency ] . and as came in the holy Quran : [ Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hanger , some loss in goods or lives or the fruits ( if your toil ) but give glod tidings to those who patiently persevere ... ] .
24-The apostle of God ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him and his family ) , said : [ kings of the world are four , two believers and two disbelievers , the two believers were zul-qarnain and solomon , and the two disbelievers were Nimrud and Nebuchadnezzar , and the fifth will possess it ( world ) , he is of My family ] . Ibn jawzia narrated it , in "Ibraz wahmil Maknun min kalam Ibn Khaldun" , page : 576 , seventy five .
comparing :
The possession fulfilled for the previous fours , and this inspiration , says : [ The third leader came for spreading , so understand ] and the third of the believers solomon and zul-qarnain , and he is Mahdi .
25-From Ibn Humar the apostle of God ( God,s blessing and peace be upon him ) , said : [ Mahdi will appear in avillage called it Karuaa [ كرعة ] Abu Naaim and others narrated it . The previous source , page : 576 .
comparing :
This village is [ karuaa or Galue ] , that is located in pshdar , in the north of Sangasar , and it is an old village that its trace basics of the walls remained and this village was their capital city , and now they called it [ Galue ] , during the time and differences of language the name was changed , because letter -G- doesn,t find in Arabic , and it is Kurdish , and strong |L| , is not pronounce from some dialects of Kurdish language , so instead of it they use weak |r| , as the inhabitaants of Koya and Arbil , and also in the way of writing ( ء = e ) is like ( ع = aa ) , in this way G = K , strong |L| = weak |r| , ء ( e ) = ع ( aa ) : so the origion of the word write in this way : Garue : means anarrow valley , so it coincides completly with the village that I appeared in it from east , for the first time of the age of my invitation .
26-From Aaasm son of Aamro Al-Bajli , that Aba Amama , said : [ There will be a call from the heaven to aman that neither evidence deny him nor evidence will prohibit of him ] The previous source , seventy eight , page : 577 .
comparing :
a : The call from heaven , means these inspirations that reveal to Mahdi,s heart from heaven , through the angel of inspiration , as an inspiration revealed to me : [ I have chosen you as a Guid and Guided , Great and champion ] .
b : And the evidence is between your hands , that do not deny the reality of my invitation .