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in the name 0f God the Beneficent the Merciful

praise be to God who helped me in writing this appendix and informing first part of His book [ words of God ] and God,s blessing and peace be to all His apostles and Messengers and especially the seal of them Mohammad . I ask from Him the guidance to all of those who responsible . And as i advanced some explanations as a preface for this part ,I found it useful to write an appendix containing new notes that reader needs them .
1-I omitted putting the vowels * ( Means Arabic signs suchas : [ , , , , ... ] at this stage because I saw Most of the sentences through writing without vowels from the unseen , and also the signs of intonation stoppings [ This is for the origin of the book that it is Arabic ] so I pray to God to forgive us , if there are grammatical or dictation mistakes happened in transcribing or in printing glory to who that doesn,t do oversight and doesn,t sleep , as we ask our friends the philologists of Arabic language to help us in this field .
2-There are asmall number of sentences in the book that the meaning revealed to the heart neither through hearing nor writing , so they were uttered by semi-involuntary words , as this example : [ The reaction , the strike , The Israeli ] .
3-You see some inspirations come in question forms , and the answer didn,t come directly , but the answer came in other lessons as this example : [ Is regime in this Manner ? ] and we see it,s answer in the other lesson and it is : [ The regime is from the sacred Mosque ] . and sometimes the answer precedes the question .
4-If you find the recitation significant continually you will not feel ambiguity because you will reach plenty of expressions you don,t know their purposes , but you find their meaning in other expressions . By More clear words or expressions then the previous sentences , for instance some nouns come especially like Moses , Salih , Tearful , Trustee of God and so on , and another inspiration explaned it More clearly says : [ In brief he is Mahdi Mustafa ] . and the secret of ambiguity is in it as the similarity to the holy Quran , and this is the difference between words of God and normal words of human , because there is firmness , continuity , running and different meanings in His mighty words .
5-For collecting fundamental information about one subject , you can read the book from beginning and wherever you found asentence about this subject that you want , you can collect a complet lesson and discuse what you want of it , and forming knowledge to the inspirations is possible according the basics .
6-And you may feel that some sentences have independence from some lessons , or you will see sentences as continuations , The phelosophy is that ; this book is not an independent book , but this is a book sent down as interpretation and explanation , and it was come with renewings , and the sentences may be arranged in other arrangements in the future , if God wills .
7-The simple explanations , notes and also foot-notes don,t conclude in the original program except the origin of the book .
8-We did asimple clarification and foot-notes , but we did not do explanation because it is not possible to do a complet explanation to the words of God , and so as to the choice remain to the researcher scientists except in some matters that have relation with legal opinions and the general unity .
9-You see preceding and delaying of some dates of the inspirations in the book and it is because of the arrangement of the meters .
10-In some conditions we have written the sources and foot-notes and explanations which we depended on them only for the first stage other wise we are at the rank of evidence to those who want , there is the texts so we don,t need those things .
11-And we say to those who God guides them either they are men or women and at any place on the land of this world to pledge with God and strife for the sake of this reality by God,s premission .