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The new Iran in the Mahdi's Claim in Kurdistan


The religions in general point to the appearance of a certain individual or certain people at a particular time to establish equality and end oppression. Islam describes this person as the Mahdi. He will come in a time when the whole world suffers from injustice to the world. 

The Mahdi is the person who appears among the world's oppression; he, will receive revelation from God and will take responsibility on basis of the revelations. By real revelation, we mean the information that is conveyed to the man's heart from the metaphysical world via the soul; an average intelligent person can understand such message.

In the 1st of November 1990 and before the coalition forces ' offensive on Iraq in the first Gulf war, Saeed Mustafa witnesses a revelation morning "a morning for the new Iraq ". Saeed Mustafa Ali (the Mahdi ) informs all the political parties and figures that there will be a change in Iraq 's authority weather in the north or the south. He anticipated that the Baath dictatorship will come to an end and an "interim state" will come into existence as result of an alliance among the various parties. Such a development will end the ongoing conflict and will shut the door on undesirable possibilities; it will pave the way for establishing "a free generous state" in which the people can breathe freely. The Mahdi clarifies that such a free generous state side by side with logic of truth, reason, and balance, will create an opportunity for the people to have the right of elections and making political decision. This will eradicate oppression and corruption and will raise the level of awareness and will help our nation to reach the level of the developed nations and gain God's satisfaction.

After this announcement and the parties stances in this regard, the Mahdi, accompanied by several friends, returned to Ranya district  (Al-Sulaymaniyah) to urge the people to rise up against the Baath regim. The uprising sparked on the 5th of March 1991, the Mahdi had prepared several speeches to urge the people to rise up against the regime the night before, the speeches were 

Recorded on tapes and broadcasted from the mosques. He also gave speeches directly from the great mosque of Ranya, urging people to rise against the Baath regim. As a result, the people of Ranya rose up against the regime and controlled the Baath headquarters in the town. 

The Mahdi and his friends controlled the main district office of Ranya, which was the main office of the Baath party members in the district, and turned it to their office and remained there. The great uprising sparked while the Kurdish political parties were still in the mountains and did not make a move. They left the mountains a few days later and headed towards the cities with military forces. 

Now, taking into consideration the general conditions of the region and referring to the Mahdi revelation, the chaos in the east and the west as a result of their own justice and the suitable geographical ground, all these factors anticipated that there would be a war in Iran and a change in its regime. It would be natural result of its own oppression, refuting the God's evidences, mocking humanity and refusing to regret incorrect decision. The current armament of Israel and correct USA is a sign of such development. 

The people of iran have started taking necessary procedures to remove the clique of the dictatorship system in that country. Tehran has not provided the Iranian nation any right and privileges. Kurds in Iran's Kurdistan will have an opportunity to raise the level of awareness towards development. However, they should be aware of a civil war or any other undesirable development; thus, taking the necessary steps requires a lot of cautiousness. It is a historical responsibility and steps should be taken only within truth, reason, and balance; it is the Judgment Day, you either reach the top or fall to the abyss.

There will be an opportunity for establishing another city and forming (an innocent honest government ) through which all the rights will be returned to its owners; the right of selfdetermination, the rights of freedom, humanity, and divine justice. Future will be for those who keep away from evil...